Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A & V Lazar Charcoal Grill - Fitzroy

Entree: $7-$12Mains: $25-$29Dessert: $7-$12
Payment accepted: MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express and Bankcard
. Wine is available by the glass. BYO (wine only) no corkage fee.
Vegetarian options available
This venue accepts bookings. It is advisable to make a reservation ahead of time. Group bookings are supported.
Seats 200
Wheelchair access
Limited parking
Steak glorious Steak. There are few foods in this world (and possibly any other) better than a perfectly cook steak - by perfectly cooked I mean anything from medium to blue and mooing. Don't ever tell me a well-done steak is perfect, it's not and those who like it well done should stick to drive through.
A & V Lazar Charcoal Grill is a Melbourne institution - they have been around for more than 35 years and quite frankly as far as they are concerned, they are the steak place in Melbourne. Just ask the pictures of cattle on the day-old-blood red brick walls, or the blackened grill sending squeals from the plump sausages - or maybe just ask Alojz Lazar and his sons, your waiter is likely to be one of his sons.
For some reason the building reminds me of a great big brick oven - not because it's hot, quite the opposite really, it's big and airy - feeling more like a Swiss mountain cabin, or what I think a Swiss mountain cabin should/would feel like. The furniture is comfortable and no nonsense - there is a bar and an okay wine list, but let's face it, you're there to eat meat so no frou frou over the drinks - just sit down and forego the offer of a menu and tell them you want the 'Beef Banquet'.
Beef banquet gives you four sumptuous courses - a delicious beef broth, which, in winter, is just the thing to start warming up the chills in those bones. Believe me when I say you will crave that beef broth at the oddest times. Follow the broth with those meaty snags (not the waiters, jeez!) oozing their juices and begging for a smudge of homemade mustard.
This will lead you to what you're there for - MEAT. You would have requested rump, porterhouse or fillet from your cheeky waiter when you gave him your drink order. A word of caution - if you don't want your steak hanging over the edge of your plate, stick with a fillet. Of course the meat is well hung as in well aged so that the flavour is intense and optimum at time of cooking. It's a good thing when you chew your steak and your eyes roll back in your head from the explosion of meaty goodness without the unnecessary sauces and garnishes to detract from the taste of beef.
You do get a bowl of salad on the table with the banquet - crisp leaves, fresh flavours and a spoonful of creamy zesty potato salad. You don't have to eat it, but hey, some people do. Remember - you're there for the meat!
If you have room for dessert, it's included in your banquet - pretty much pancakes with strawberries and icecream will be your best bet. It's a nice nice way to end a glorious feast of the beast. Enjoy!


fluffy said...

Sounds glorious. My Dad had a soft spot for Lazar when he worked at The Age nearby. Your review has definitely whet my appetite.

fluffy said...

actually I'm thinking of another place - near The Age, maybe on the corner of King and Lonsdale Streets in the city. Similar name to Lazar I thought. In any case Lazar is closer to my 'hood so hopefully I'll be making tracks there soon.

Chai said...

Good grief. Is this to balance out my vegetarian review?
Actually, I tried to guess who the writer might be without peeping and I guessed right. Man, all these places to try. I'm hungry now.

Mel said...

Fluffy, please give it a go - you wouldn't be disappointed. If you can think of the place your dad went to let me know, I'm always willing to explore new Meat-ing Places - yuk yuk...
Chai, I have blocked out every vegetarian option. :)What tipped you off that this was one of mine?

Chai said...

Ooooh.... dont know... just a lucky guess... and the salivatory writing style, I guess.

sublime-ation said...

Fluff: Lazar's was a Lebanese nightclub in King St, super cheesy. I wonder if your dad hung out there with my dad when he worked at The Age?

This Lazar's Grill is legendary, but I've always been too scared to go in there...I shall endeavor to now Mel, you've inspired me.

Ange said...

This place does sound great form what I have heard though being a member of the female species I am a bit intimidated by that much meat, think it is more than I could cope with just for a great steak!

sublime-ation said...

Hey Fluff, delete my comment and consider this instead:

Here's how you tell the difference:

Lazar (Charcoal Grill): Meat Restaurant

Lazar's (Nightclub): Meat Market

Mel said...

Sublime-ation, once you cross over into that building and part-take of the beef banquet you'll be back for more - don't be afraid, just go and enjoy. Don't take the waiters too seriously, they are known for their sense of humour.
Ange, sorry I had a giggle when you said you're a female and intimidated by so much meat - tee hee - yeah I know I'm a 12 year old boy where those things are concerned. But seriously, I'm a girl and I love it there, it's big, blokey and you're not going to stop at Mcdonalds on the way home. :)

Adrian said...

Great review,... I'm there.

Oh and thanks Mel for the Tamagotchi's (Or whatever it's called) reference.

I finally found them this week!

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Susanne said...

Ah, as a vego, I'm not that interested in this one.

Good to have some balance in the blog though. :)

Husky Nutmeg said...

Sounds like just the place to go when you're so hungry you could eat three horses and a cow.

Will keep that one in mind, thanks Mel.

Mel said...

You're always welcome HN - and yes indeedy, three cows and a horse for every diner - I am so craving lamb now - after gastronoming my way through Bluff oysters, Kaikoura Crayfish, fish from the Tasman and endless bounty of Green Lip Mussels in New Zealand. On second thought maybe I want seafood... damn.

unclemao said...

Can someone settle the whole AV Lazar vs Vlado's debate on who's got the better steak for me once and for all? Puhleese?

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