Monday, January 15, 1990

Proposed Posting protocol

See here for latest manifesto - Chai ]

Seeing that everyone is so shy, I'll start with a tentative protocol.

Note that this is preliminary, so we can change whatever you dont like (hence my argument that a benevolent dictatorship is the best form of government and that a democratic system has too many flaws, but that is another discussion).

* Title is the restaurant name followed by the food region type - like Thai, International, Indian etc... we can come up with some fixed categories. This is to make searches easier.
eg. Cafe Sofia - Italian

* Link - a link to the restaurant, if any.

* Location plus a generic description of the restaurant, price range, non-subjective stuff.

* Reviewer name, date followed by a subjective review/comment etc... on ambience, size, service, whatever.

How does this sound? - Chai
I hope this doesnt end up badly. We're all mature and rational adults, right? Guys?

New proposal
I was thinking maybe new reviews go into the drafts and then we release one every 2 or 3 days? This way, we dont get like a bunch of reviews in 1 day and then nothing for a while. And gives people a reason to visit on a regular basis, knowing there will be a new review. Thoughts?