Monday, January 15, 1990

Proposed Posting protocol

See here for latest manifesto - Chai ]

Seeing that everyone is so shy, I'll start with a tentative protocol.

Note that this is preliminary, so we can change whatever you dont like (hence my argument that a benevolent dictatorship is the best form of government and that a democratic system has too many flaws, but that is another discussion).

* Title is the restaurant name followed by the food region type - like Thai, International, Indian etc... we can come up with some fixed categories. This is to make searches easier.
eg. Cafe Sofia - Italian

* Link - a link to the restaurant, if any.

* Location plus a generic description of the restaurant, price range, non-subjective stuff.

* Reviewer name, date followed by a subjective review/comment etc... on ambience, size, service, whatever.

How does this sound? - Chai
I hope this doesnt end up badly. We're all mature and rational adults, right? Guys?

New proposal
I was thinking maybe new reviews go into the drafts and then we release one every 2 or 3 days? This way, we dont get like a bunch of reviews in 1 day and then nothing for a while. And gives people a reason to visit on a regular basis, knowing there will be a new review. Thoughts?


MelbourneGirl said...

i say go you, chai.

it won't end up badly, what could possibly go wrong?

we disagree about a certain restaurant and want to stab each other with forks?

no, it'll be great. this way we get differences in opinions. because no review is the definitive last say on anything, i reckon.

this way we get texture, and colour. and we certainly want that.

you start with one. go on.

i'm just too busy right now but later in the week, maybe.

so, should it just be a free for all in terms of posting or should each post stay up for a minimum time (ie one week) so all avenues comment-wise can be exhausted.

what do you all think?

and i also think we can talk about the humblest place as well as the swank ones. for it is the smaller ones where you find the real gems often, and it's before other people know about it.

ah that's the other thing. don't we all have a favourite restaurant we simply don't want to share? i know i do. maybe that should be one week's theme - where everyone opens up about their secret place... i think i'd be prepared to if this thing gets going

Chai said...

Oh yeah, I can see us stabbing each other with forks.

My god, I just saw this other blogger's post and they are talking about being at swingers parties and partaking in whatever activities they do there. And here I am doing a food review thingy. I think maybe I hang out with the wrong crowd. Unless we can combine the two... Hmmm... Did I alienate anybody here?

Mel said...

I'm looking forward to this ... really. thanks Chai!

BEVIS said...

We're all mature and rational adults, right?

How did I score an invite, then??

MelbourneGirl said...

you are combining the two crowds chai. i hang out at fits' all the time.

so, to food, to food.

who goes first?

come on! [to be said in annoying lleyytonn hewitt fashion]

LadyCracker said...

right Because it was child on week I can only talk about a meat pie I had in bendigo this week. Or the fact that since I have quit smoking I don't like the taste of goats cheese!

Chai said...

Bev : Oversight.

MG : It wasnt Ms Fits, but that's not important right now. I guess some of us are only meant to be only playing in the sand box (pit?) of life. No matter. I've got a sketchy review of a restaurant I went to on Sat night. Will try to compose it tonight. Now, if I can only remember it's name, what I ate and the atmosphere. But it's not a race, right?

BEVIS said...

If it was a race, however, I'd have won already.

elaine said...

OMG! LC, that's a tragedy. About the goats cheese.

Are you coping?

Have you found more savoury delights to take the place o goat's cheese?

Is this a passing phase or do you think it's going to be permanent?

Susanne said...

It sounds good chai. :)

sublime-ation said...

Look how many of us there are now! Impressive, hey.
The only problem is (as Chai has already warned me) bitter restauranters hunting us down and suing us for slander etc.
Just remember: if you say the steak is bad, IT'S YOUR OPINION, NOT FACT. That's how to avoid that one.
Who knows how much influence we may wield as Melbourne's newest and freshest food blog?
I haven't been to any restaurants yet which is why i haven't posted: tonight i am trying a new Italian...stay tuned!

(ps there's more than one blogger attending swinger's parties? What is going on?)