Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Edible Manifesto

These are just guidelines and not fast and hard rules. Just use your judgement. Just guidelines.

The Edible Manifesto

  1. All new reviews/posts goes into blogger draft.

  2. Indicate on the first line if the content is print-ready or if it is really still in draft mode (so it doesnt accidentally get released).
  3. Suggested format
    • Reviewer name, date

    • Title - Name of establishment, Suburb, Cuisine type
    • This is to make searches easier.
      Hairy Food - City, Fusion, Vegetarian
    • Link - URL link to place, if any.

    • Non-Subjective Section
    • Location plus a generic description of the restaurant, price range, non-subjective stuff.
      eg. address, rough prices, size, decor, opening hours, pics, parking, state of lavatories, wheelchair access, menu choices etc...
    • Subjective Section
    • Subjective review/comment etc... on food, ambience, size, service, whatever. What u ordered? Would you eat there again?

  4. Typically, 1 review published a week.
  5. Every Thursday night/Friday morning, the drafts section will be checked and 1 review released into the wild.
    If there are 3 to 4 reviews in the drafts, 2 reviews will be scheduled to be released the next week (Tue, Fri)
    5 or more, 3 reviews, Mon, Wed, Sat. or something.
  6. Nothing libelious.
  7. If there are any objections from anyone (within and otherwise), the post goes back into draft mode ie. removed from the published blog. Non inflammatory, non-intimidatory, non-offensive stuff, yes? It's a food blog, after all.
  8. Publishing reviews
  9. Priority will be given to under published reviewers. eg. if X has 10 reviews already published and Y has only 1, Y would be published next. I'll use my judgement in the first instance, Ceaucescu style. If you find this disagreeable, say something, diplomatically (but I'm pretty robust).
  10. Eateries/Venues
  11. Anything goes w.r.t. eateries. Little cafes, samosa hawkers, anything! Even multinational fast food joints (mffj) *typed through clenched teeth, applies only to the mffj bit*
    Good places to get raw ingredients? [I am of the opinion no, not as a primary post, but feel free to link it into your eatery review but if enough of you say otherwise, I will bow to mob rule. I leave this bit up in the air. Default = no.]
  12. Contributing reviews
  13. Anyone (non members) can contribute reviews. Just submit review in the comment section and someone will re-package that in a new post. This is highly encouraged.
    You may write the review from memory ie. visit was done in pre-blogian times.
    Subsequent reviews of the same place gets appended to the end of the original review. Just remember to distinguish your appendages (hee hee) by some clever heading or something. This updated blog will then be moved up to the front of the display (via use of the 'Post Change Time and Date').
  14. There are no obligations for anyone to produce anything at anytime.
  15. But it would be nice.
  16. Blogger wanting to leave the group.
  17. Hmmmm... quoting from an Eagles song. Desperado, why dont you come to your senses?
  18. At the end of each month, we all vote on one evictee.
  19. *yes, I had difficulty coming up with 10*

I look forward to the evolution of this blog, based on our intelligent designs. Really.

This document is still evolving.
Just guidelines.

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Hello Chai,

I want to post a review but am unsure of where you would like me to post it.