Friday, January 13, 2006

McDonald's - Doncaster East - American Cuisine

Store Name: Doncaster East
Postcode: 3109
Address: Corner of Blackburn & Doncaster Roads
Phone Number: (03) 9842 9987
Price Range: $5 - $8 for a meal, another $3 for dessert

Reviewer: BEVIS
Date: 16th January, 2006


This McDonald's is one of the more pleasant McDonald's in the eastern suburbs, as it has a large, friendly and open atmosphere, having recently been renovated from a more cramped - but equally friendly - layout.

The service I encountered upon my visit was both courteous and efficient. I was especially delighted to hear that it was a pleasure to take my order.

Even though I requested a Quarter Pounder with Cheese as a "grill" (industry term for 'special order'), it was still a pleasure to take my order, as far as I could tell.

My "grill" consisted of "small" onions (another industry term; this time referring to the diced onions they put in the Junior and Cheeseburgers, rather than the coils of raw onions the "large" burgers automatically receive ... and which I loathe), and extra pickles.

Yes, extra pickles.

This reviewer is nothing, if not healthy.

Truth be told, there was going to be a three minute wait on my burger, but I was delighted to discover that it was my choice as to whether or not I wanted to have my Fries and Coke now, or wait and receive it all together. I opted for the former, so that I could eat while I waited for my burger, and not allow my Fries to go cold in the meantime.

The Fries themselves certainly earned their trade-marked subtitle of "Australia's Favourite Fries", as mine were cooked to delightful golden brown and were not-too-salty; not-unsalted-enough. They were also warm, and contained almost no little green or black bits on the end.

The Coke was watered down, of course, but this is par for the course with McDonald's Family Restaurants, as you will no doubt come to learn as this series of McDonald's reviews continues. However, the ice was just enough to keep my drink cool for the duration of my entire meal, without there being so much that it meant I had very little actual drink in the cup at all. A delicate balance to find at the best of times, my Server - whose name was Tammy, apparently - was able to find that balance and leave me feeling refreshed and revitalised as a result.

When my burger came out (handled with grace and care by Derek, another efficient Server - although this time with no smile), I was pleased to discover that my "grill" had been made to order, and the burger was very hot - just how I like them!

Upon biting into the burger, I was astonished to find that it was a veritable taste explosion, hampered only slightly by the streams of juice/fat running down my fingers and onto the burger's wrapper.

I ordered a large meal, which cost me $5.95 (Australian).

The other diners around me were largely young parents with a few children each, the odd businessman or woman, and one druggie in the corner. The restaurant was clean and bright, and the playground out the back was highly enjoyable after the meal (although I was escorted from the grounds after fighting with a three-year-old girl, Penny, about whose turn it was next for the slide).

It was mine, dammit.

Rating: All in all, I give McDonald's in Doncaster East 4 out of 5 stars.

Stars: ****


Chai said...

It's been done before. Here.

And isnt McDonalds Scottish?

*Refrains from making remark about demeaning the project.* Sand box of life. *sigh*

BEVIS said...

My review was slightly more favourable. I felt they earned it.

And never fear, every site needs some light entertainment. So sayeth me.

It's a Scottish name by origin, but American cuisine by heart failure.

C'mon! Smile!

elaine said...

As a recovered vegetarian, I'm always interested to know about vegetarian choices on the menu.

Does McDonald's - Doncaster East have a range of items on the menu suitable for herbivores?

BEVIS said...

Don't you worry, Elaine - there are plenty more McDonald's restaurants to be reviewed. I shall give the vegetarian options a thorough going-over in due course. I cater to all my readers, pun intended.

Assuming, that is, I haven't upset the apple cart.

No offence intended, Chai!


MelbourneGirl said...

oh bevis. have you been just sitting there counting the minutes until i saw this and exploded into one big, fiery ball of response?

chai, you are a gentleman but i am no such thing, so i will not refrain from making a comment about demeaning the project.

here goes:

i thought this was going to be serious, or at least start seriously.

i fucking HATE mcdonalds. it is evil and poisonous and i absolutely refuse to eat it more than once or twice a year. why is it on this blog? why did you give bevis the keys to drive, chai? you know he can't be adult and mature? he's like that boy that keeps stealing buses and trams...

alright, now i will relax.

very funny bevis.

so, as we thought, the comments can be part of the review and will generate "discussion".

good on you froggy for starting off. i guess.

this is the way we get colour.

and it will get texture.

and now i go up the street to buy sushi.

so, look out!

and ps elaine. are you trying to be nice to bevis or are you serious?

don't even bother with mcdonald's deli choices. go to a deli instead. you won't need to worry about the fine print of ingredients and being manipulated into ingesting something ordinary which is dressed up as "healthy" so that the multinational beast won't lose a larger slice of its pie.

god, i'm starving. perhaps i would have left a different comment had i not been so hungry.


BEVIS said...

*cowers in corner*

*doesn't like humour being met with anger*

*won't post here again*

Husky Nutmeg said...

I laughed bevis. Don't be sad.

I have learned there is a second use for the pickles, btw. The staff at the McDs birthday party we attended in Bacchus Marsh on Saturday, had the children throwing them at a target as a party game. Hmm. Don't try this at home...

Don't worry MG. I'll find a nice little spot for morning tea this week that doesn't serve fries.

Another Outspoken Female said...

But seriously - vegetarian/vegan/fussy bitch menu choices would be much appreciated in all reviews :)

MelbourneGirl said...

[puts down a bowl of milk to try and coax bevis out of the corner]

Husky Nutmeg said...

Good idea with the vegetarian angle. Also worth mentioning are any other dietary needs that are met at a particular venue - could be worthwhile if covered right from the start.

Chai said...

Hey Bev, Chill out dude. It's no biggie. But if you want to review multiple McDonalds, perhaps it would be better if it was under the one McD post, instead of one post per location. This is so that it's easier for the McD fans to compare. Look forward to your next review.

BEVIS said...

Thanks Chai, I'm sorry if my attempt to be amusing fell flat and upset anyone.


MelbourneGirl said...

and i'm sorry i upset bevis. we've both been feeling terrible about it but now we are besties again.

i resolve to try to use my words for goodness, and not badness.

onwards, and upwards...

Susanne said...

I liked the review Bevis.

I would also like it if this became some kind of Supersize Me-esque all-consuming dedication to review every McDonalds in Australia and THE WORLD, starting from humble beginnings in Doncaster East.

BEVIS said...


BEVIS said...

(I think I'll exercise more caution with any future reviews, however.)

Thanks anyway for the affirmation, Suzanne!


Chai said...

Bev : It was funny. Just the timing was a little bit, ummm, off, that's all.

Clokeeeey! said...

You need to form a splinter group.
"We do chew our fast food".
Loved the review. Look forward to comparative reviews of HJ's or BK's and my new favourity burger joint "The Burgers Edge" at QV in town.

MelbourneGirl said...

clokes has got it. fast food could be another blog, methinks. and link it to this blog.

BEVIS said...


scarlett said...

I saw the McDonald's review and I said, I bet bevis is responsible for that. And i was right. Look at the joy you bring me Bevis!

BEVIS said...

Thanks, Scarlett - I aim to please!


Anonymous said...

Very late to comment but...oh well. I LOVE pickles. Me ordering a junior burger....
"May I please have extra pickles?"
"No, when I say extra pickles I don't just put a couple extra, I want EXTRA pickles"
"I want it to be like a pickle burger with a little bit of meat..are you hearing me...?"