Friday, January 20, 2006

The Glass - Brighton - Thai

[I feel like the act that follows on after U2, or Radiohead or Elvis, viz Mel's post. Hello, hello, *eeeEEEEEeeeee*, is this thing on?]

Venue: The Glass
Thai Cuisine
Brighton Bay Arcade 293-297 Bay St Brighton.
Across from the Brighton Bay Cinema.
Star date : 14 January 2006, Earth.

It wasnt my idea to come here. I wanted to go the tapas place next door mainly cos I've never had tapas before, ever. Maybe I have. Dont remember. I'd spent a few nights with a Catalonian family many years ago. I remember the paella, but nothing else.

Anyways, it was a pre-movie dinner. And the words "It's not you, it's me" was muttered at the end of it all. More details about this on my blog later in the week, for the curious.

I've never been to this place before. It's quite small. 8 - 10 tables? I didnt really count. Looks quite nice, lots of glass, wooden tables with those paper table clothes. Weird name for a Thai restaurant though.

It was pretty full. The service was not bad. It was quite a comfortable surrounding. Not formal. Nice enough for a pre-movie meal. The food arrived reasonably quickly. Not sure if this is any indication but apart from the owners, I was the only Oriental there, but then, it is frigging Brighton.

We ordered the fish cakes (shared) for entree, and for mains, the massaman with chicken (see pic) and the prawn red curry. All this with steamed rice. The serves were of moderate size.

Verdict - the fish cakes were nice. We were given some sort of sauce. Sort of plum-ish. Sorry for the lack of details. I forgot about the blog and didnt take notes or pics. D'oh.

The chicken was a peanut and potato dish. It was *really* sweet. Too sweet. I dont know if it is supposed to be like this but this sort of spoiled (spoilt?) it for me, a little. My companion had the same opinion. She didnt think it was supposed to be this sweet. Edible though.

The prawns were nice. Had a little bit of heat in it. I quite liked this dish. It was sweet too. Yes, I did wonder if all their other dishes err on the sweet side.

They had the usual fritter with ice cream selection for desserts, and one exotic'ish one which escapes me right now. We didnt have any desserts.

Cost : The bill was presented on a banana leaf. Cute. Above with one glass of sparkling wine came to just under $50. She paid.

Conclusion : It was competent food but nothing exceptional. Passable (no pun intended). I've had much better Thai food elsewhere. Would I eat there again? I wouldnt make a special trip there just for the food, but if I was already in the area, I guess I would consider it but will probably push for the tapas next time. Very generously, I give it a lucky 6/10.

Reviewer: Deuce Chai


Husky Nutmeg said...

Well done Deuce.
I don't like too much fuss before a movie so this sounds like a fair premovie spot.

ChickyBabe said...

You guys make me want to move to Melbourne!

sublime-ation said...

Nice one Duece.
I was thinking when I was at a restaurant the other night, it really spoils it if you have to write things down or take photos, so I am glad you started with a simple style. It's hard, especially as I was with a group of about 6 people, you don't wanna go 'Hang on' and whip your notebook out (unless the service is shocking, as previously stated!). I just hope I can remember things...

MelbourneGirl said...

nice review chai. well done.

so was that one glass of sparkling?
total or each?

this is a very important question.

Mel said...

I love this blog, for the reason that sometimes you find yourself in areas and you drive pass certain places you think may be good, but with this site, you'll know better - I'll have to drive pass this place in Brighton - thanks Deuce (not Bigalow) -
Mmmmm fish cakes... needs Lingham's Sweet Chilli Sauce, it's good with everything.

Chai said...

Hi guys, thanks for all the feedback, kind and otherwise. I've clarified regd the wine in the post. It was for 1 glass.
Mel is right. Linghams is the best chilli sauce out there. In M'sia, it commands a premium price to Maggi but costs the same here. Go for the straight Chilli one, the Thai one is quite garlicky, if u like that sort of thing.

meva said...

I like Glass, Chai. I've eaten there a few times and I've always thought it was quite good. Maybe you hit it on an off night. It happens sometimes.

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