Saturday, August 26, 2006

for when you want mores, go to limors - Caulfield

Limor's International
67 Kooyong, Road
Caulfield North 3161

T 9509 8183/9509 8855

At Limor's, they have the motto:

where too much is just enough!

This is the sort of place you go when you are ravenous. When you feel you could eat an entire cow, giant squid or a barnyard of chickens. Apologies to the vegetarians amongst us but this is certainly a place for omnivores.

Before we go on, I would like to throw out a challenge. I defy anyone to go here and eat one of their main courses on their own. You should be warned, the platters are made to share. Last night we popped in for a quickie, and had the chicken schnitzel platter, and a bowl of chips. The schnitzel came with rice and veg, and salad. This amount was perfectly adequate for our party of 5 [2 adults, 3 kids]. We all have "healthy appetites"* and while my mantra of "portion control" has become a bit of a joke with my man's Italian family, I find that portion control has made all of us healthier, and leaner.

Portion control is not something that is exercised at Limor's. We arrive shouting Limor's! and we leave, groaning and doubled over saying "Li-less". We think we are very funny.

The schnitzels are fine and perfectly undistinguished in any way. So are the chips: thin, french fry style. Rice is overcooked and peas/carrots likewise. The salads that come with the platters are simple and eastern european in style, with pickled green cabbage and red cabbage, as well as some diced tomato and cucumber. While I like the salad accompaniment, and so does Princess, she LOVES the green cabbage, it's all about the meat. This place is like a meat mecca. Go to Limor's and do some serious worshipping.

They also serve dishes of calamari and marinated chicken wings, which we've had before. I have seen people with meat platters; huge silver dishes piled high with all kinds of bbq'd animal products. People hunker down over these meals; there is little talking and much chewing.

The decor is brassy and glassy, nothing particularly noteworthy, though they have a little interior atrium garden which is ok. The maitre'd is a small man who has the most beautiful manners and is always very friendly, and always tries to sell you some mocktails for the kids, which at $8.50 each we always say no thanks to. I'm a hard bitch, I know. But he is always very pleasant, and I always am pleasant back. Big smiles. Etc. He reminds of the man from Fantasy Island in the way he stands and kind of welcomes you. But he looks more like Tattoo in the face.

Some menu samplers:

chicken soup with kreplach
garlic prawns
atlantic smoked salmon
u.s. baby ribs
chicken shasliks
continental sausages
range of dips
whole flounder
the mermaid seafood platter - $49 but serves 2 (or more)
range of schnitzels, from wiener to "G"ordon bleu to mexican (?) to american. all serves have three (large) pieces of schnitzel.

Then they have pasta dishes as well.

This is a great place for a quick and filling feed. It's also fine to take kids there, and there are often other people with kids there who might be noisier than yours, and then you feel better about having kids. This is not a place for romance and hand-holding. There's plenty of room, with large tables for bigger groups. They are licensed and happy to work around food allergies etc. (with notification.)

Basically, this is a quick in, quick out sort of joint. It's not cheap but works out all right as you order one dish for $27 between 5 say (as we did last night) rather than two adults having mains for $20+ then three kids for $10 or so (if they have a kid menu. Some places don't and then it's even more expensive.)

Takeaway is also available, and boy, is it fast.

* code for "like to overeat if allowed"


Mel said...

I am so there!
Thanks for the recommendation -

Banttha Fodder said...

The portions there are astonishing. I took great pleasure at watching my bro-in-law ignore all advice and order the ribs. The meal was about the same size as him, and despite his large appetite, he conceded defeat before getting a third of the way through.

Mrs. Banttha and I would generally order just the calamari between us, and eat till we felt like this:

Luckily we lived just around the corner, and could roll home.

Chai said...

I'll keep this place in mind when I'm really really hungry, which is like almost always. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

Anonymous said...

This is just around the corner from where I live, I will have to go there on my way out to a gig one time.

Ukulele said...

It sounds not unlike the place where you feel food stoned from over eating.

Robskee said...

It's been a while since I was there but I believe they still have the raw meat on display for all to be impressed (or perhaps intimidated) by.

Once I overheard a slightly frail-looking couple ordering soup and a main course EACH - schnitzels, I believe. Obviously they'd not been there before. The waiter pleaded with them to reconsider the order, explaining about the portion sizes, but they just thought he was being rude and patronising. They were most disturbed when their 2kgs of crumbed veal and chicken arrived. It was the first time I'd seen people frightened by their own lunch.

Susanne said...

Hey foodies, just stopping by to say I'm in for the sausage roll thing!

Husky Nutmeg said...

I love sharing food. Some places hate that don't they. Especially with kids - it's such a relaxing way to enjoy food instead of ordering this massive dish for your child and knowing they won't get through a third of it. Thanks for the post.

Chai said...

I took the kid here. we were both starving!
We shared the ONE schnitzel and we couldnt finish it. We ordered the ONE dessert and couldnt finish it. The kid loved the place.

partyGal said...

Hey Foodlovers! So i went with a group of 20 last week and the recommendations were true ... the portions were enormous and great value. The meats were yummy and cooked to perfection... fresh and well flavoured.. the staff were funny and friendly.. and we loved the atmostphere.. somebody wrote on another blogspace that it was owned by the same guy as Maxy's on Glenhunty Road.. but it turns out this is a local urban myth because this was the case some 10 or so years ago.. but this place wipes the floor with Maxy's. Oh and we also found out that they are now starting karaoke on thrusdays with $4 shots and Live Latin Music and dancing on Fridays.. so we'll be back next week for more good times..
(will be good to finally go to a place for karaoke that's not in Chinatown and that has real food!)

Would love to organise a regular "Limor's night" for food and entertainment lovers!!! this place is my new religion!! LOL

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