Sunday, September 24, 2006

The inaugural “We Do Chew Our Food” pie review

Melbourne, the home of We Do Chew Our Food, is paradoxically the epicentre of both the best Australian cuisine and Football. When you put the two together they spell one word – PIE. The meat pie with tomato sauce (ketchup) is perhaps the most iconic Australian dish and almost mandatory to eat at any major sporting event. It even has it’s own Wikipedia entry. Thankfully for the vegetarians amongst us – there’s a lot more to pies these days than that first “Four‘nTwenty”.

In honour of the footie Grand Final next Saturday (30th September) and after the success of the recent great sausage roll review, we are now throwing the challenge open to the wider food loving community to send us a pie review from their own town. This savoury morsel can be bought or homemade, meat or vegetarian, gluten-free or caeliac-unfriendly, traditional or contemporary.

Guidelines for the review:

1. If the pie is bought – supply the address, price and description of the pie.
2. If homemade – include the recipe.
3. Taste the pie before you slather it with sauce/ketchup/chutney (sacrilege for some I know!). Is the pastry flaky, how generous is the filling, does the description of the contents equate with what you find in it?
4. Rate the pie from 1 to 5: (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest).
5. You are welcome to send a picture, but you don’t have to.
6. Send your review to by midnight, Sunday 1st October (note: for those in the northern hemisphere, that means midday Sunday for most of you).
7. Have fun!

The full review will be posted on We Do Chew Our Food the next day.


Anonymous said...

I will not have the humble pie denigrated!
However, without giving an actual recommendation or blog entry.

Ann's Pantry, Union Road Surrey hills. Best pies ever. beef, chick, vegetarian. Family or single size.

Also a great bunch of other pastry favourites. Not outrageously priced, but not bargain basement.


Mike and Rosemary said...

If you can find a Queenslander from the Gold Coast get them to review Yatala Pies. Yummm! Being a sydneyite these days I'm missing out :(

I wouldn't really recommend Harry's Cafe De Wheels unless you've consumed a few too many at the local.


Damian said...

Not a proper review because I'm in London - where the pies are dreadful. I had one today - first time in about a year - and it self-destructed as I was eating it.

The best pie I ever had was from Mrs Cox's Kitchen at Wahroonga - full of chunks of beef, carrot and peas. It was, essentially, a casserole wrapped in pastry.

Next best are the Villi's pie's range - consistent winners or place getters at the Royal Easter Show, and available at Coles.

I can second Mike and Rosemary's Yatala Pies too - they're not bad. And I also agree them about Harry's - OK, but not the best.

Oh, I nearly forgot the pies from The Pudding Shop in Glebe Point Road, Sydney. They rank up there with Mrs Cox's Kitchen. My only criticism is that they are quite large, and so moorish that you always want two. You end-up feeling over-full and bloated, but with a big smile on your face.

MelbourneGirl said...

beechworth bakery has good pies.



Susanne said...

My review's in.

Dave, I went to Ann's Pantry today but it was closed! Going by your comment, I am quite keen to check out the pies there.

meva said...

Homemade, and with absolutely NO finesse!

frozen puff pastry, separated and thawed

prime mince, browned in pan
onion, chopped roughly added to pan
mixed herbs, chucked in to pan
a leetle garlic, crushed and in pan
gravy powder, chucked in to pan
water, chucked in as well

stir until nice and thick and gooey

press pastry into pie dish, slop in the meat mixture, more pastry on top. Nice little pastry cut out shapes (leaves, hearts, whatever) to decorate top of pie. Brush with a beaten egg. Whack it in the oven and leave until golden brown.

Eat with copious amounts of tomato sauce and a tasty ale.

gigglewick said...

Can I second Meva's pie recipe except with the inclusion of either

barbecue OR
worcestershire sauce (both?)

added to the mince.

Parker Pies in Rutherglen has EXCELLENT pies although the most annoying jingle in the world (based on the abysmal Music Men's "I Am the Music Man" made questionably popular by Hey Hey It's Saturday).

It's a long way to drive for a pie (especially from Perth) but they are good.

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