Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bismi's Gold An Fork, Melbourne CBD, Indian

Venue: Bismi Gold An Fork
Address: 380 Elizabeth St Melbourne 3000
Phone: 03 96544060

[Apologies if one character appears more heroic than the other :-) - Chai ]

Chai : Welcome to the first tandem foodie review. Today Blogger X (anonymous, cos I hadnt consulted her regarding disclosure, which wouldnt have been a PROBLEM if she wasnt so BUSY as to being unable to complete this review. Anyway, henceforth known as X) and I (ditto C) are walking towards Bismi Gold An Fork, an Indian restaurant located near the north east corner of Elizabeth and La Trobe St, on the fringes of the Melbourne CBD.

X : Are we there yet?

Chai nods towards the shop sign that looms into view as they turn the corner onto Elizabeth St.

C : I do remember having difficulty finding this place the first time.

X : Is there a mis-spelling here?

[insert meaningless chatter about how it could be the “A” in error, which would make it GoldEn or the missing “D” which would make it “Gold and Fork” which is at fault. Ask them? Yes, that would be optimal but nowhere near as interesting.]

We enter the restaurant and it is reasonably busy. Tables are scarce and after a short strategy meeting, X goes to place her order while C mills around some potential leavers. Having been there several times before, C concludes that it is always like this, ie. difficulty in getting a table. This is one of the reasons why C doesnt come here as often. The other? It takes a little long to prepare your food, which is good and bad, whch C supposes.

C glances around and notes that the majority of the patrons appear to be from the subcontinent. This always bodes well, from a culinary perspective.

Having managed to snag a table (possibly cos the previous occupants felt uncomfortable with C hanging around close enough to hear their conversations), when X returned, they do the tag team and C goes off to place his order. The queue is reasonably long and is moving a little on the slow side.

[This is where X's impression of the place would have appeared].

C returns clutching his food docket. X is gently rocking to the Bollywood music in the background.

X : I like the music. It's good music.

C : Really? It's kind of loud. What did you end up getting?

It appears that X had ordered a Chicken Masala with some Roti and C had yet again ordered a Chicken Murtabak, for his murtabak research, apparently.

The PA annouces X's docket number. X's chicken masala looks good. The roti even better. It's crispy and flakey plus lots and lots of gastronomic adjectives.

X gently tears at the roti (a.ka. bread, colloquially), stroking the bread whilst making little strips from it. She tenderly dips the strips into the marsala and gently brings it up towards her slightly parted quivering lips, almost caressing it.

C : Ummm, dont wait for me.

As the slightly dripping soaked roti enters her mouth, X rolls her eyes, as the pleasure from that first mouthful envelopes all her tastebuds.

C: Good?

X makes some earthy throaty sound.

All that moaning and groaning was making C very hungry. C's docket number is eventually called and he goes to collect his murtabak. It too is served on a multi compartment stainless steel platter. In one of the compartments was some sort of curry gravy for the murtabak.

C (gulps) : Looks pretty good. Want to try some?

C cuts a bit off for X to try.

C : You like?
X makes another earthy throaty sound.

C: Homer Simpson, right?

X : Huh? Dont watch the Simpsons.

C : Hmm, my curry is a tiny bit sour for my taste.

However, on trying X's marsala, C remarks that her curry is certainly very tasty and superior to the one that C was given.

C finishes the rest of the murtabak without the curry, cos it really didnt need it.

[This is where X's impression of food would have appeared]

X : That music is really getting on my nerves.

C : I know what you mean.

All up, C's paid $6.50 for his murtabak and $2.50 for his coke and X paid a lot for hers.

C : Shall we go? There are all these people milling around waiting for an empty table and they're making me feel uncomfortable.

Rating : Chai gives this 7/10 for food and 9/10 for value.

There is a small possibility that X will append her version of events ala Rashomon.


robskee said...

There used to be a Bismi on Sydney Road, Coburg/Brunswick. I wonder if it's moved to this CBD location or if there are now two of them . . .

I must head over to Sydney Road and have a look.

Chai said...

I did see an entry for them in the whitepages when I was looking for this place's address. But have never been to this 'other' place. No resolution here.

cin said...

i believe the other one still exists. i've always wondered about the name for this and why they chose it and whether it was an error or just them trying to be clover somehow- in a way that i can't figure out...

Chai said...

OK, you've convinced me. Next time I go there, I am going to ask them, whether they like it or not! But may be a while, seeing as I no longer work nearby. Any volunteers?

Mel said...

Loved the 'X' appeal.

Chai said...

X, X, X, X, X... that's all you think about.

elaine said...

I love Bismi/gold an fork.

One does, however, need to be careful of what one chooses (i.e. $2.50 for a bucket load of food or $12.00 for not much food).

A particular favourite is the chickpea marsala dosa (at $6.50 this is a steal)

The one on Sydney road (it's between albion st and moreland rd) does an awesomely goos mango lassi.

the pirate verdict: LOVE.

elaine said...

ps the 'curry' that comes with the other stuff - runny stuff, yes? - is called 'sambar' and oft also comes with a coconut chutney.

Very common in the south.

Chai said...

Yes, it was runny and it was a little sour.
And you're absolutely right regd amount you pay versus amount you get. Depends on what you order. There is no correlation.

sublime-ation said...

I wonder who the mysterious 'X' is?
Anywhere with roti and I'm there. There's just something about roti. FBF calls it 'Indian crepes'.

Chai said...

Like W. Mark Felt, X will out him/herself when he/she is ready.

BEVIS said...

I'm hungry now.

I'm off to eat oysters on the beach.

Good day to you.


dogpossum said...

Bismi is the bomb - it's our local. They make the very best roti (a Singaporean/Malaysian friend sighed "it's just like home" when we first ate their). The food is very cheap (we tend to order from the ready-made stuff because the turn-over is so high it's reliably fresh), and the roti are unbelievably awesome.
I tend to order some combination of:
- chicken fry
- potato marsala
- the lentil dish whose name I can't remember
- special rice (which burns your brain)

The roti bomb (roti in a pyramid with condensed milk poured over the top) is the best (and SWEETEST) way to end the properly-hot and spicey.

The avocado smoothy is a special experience.

But I wasn't as impressed with Goldan Fork.

dogpossum said...

their = there. *blush*

Ukulele said...

I've always wanted to go to purely because of the name.

I shall make the effort now. X

Chai said...

If you do go, Uke, do share with us your impressions. Try the chicken pizza. It's their speciality. I could handle the chicken pizza right now.

Benita said...

Stay away from this restaurent . I have been here twice and was down with terrible stomach pset both the times...Im sure they have lots of germs floating around in their kitchen....You guys better be care full or looks like the Hygine officers will be shutting you down soon....

Anonymous said...

i love their briyani rice and teh tarik!!! (= but all the same, i also feel sick after eating at this restaurant. i would give them a 4/5 for the taste.

rOseMary said...

i felt nausea after eating at Bismi's... i guess it must be because of the oil over the curry. even so, i love their briyani rice and teh tarik! *woohoooo*

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