Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chef's Essential

17 Puckle St
Moonee Ponds 3039
(03) 9375 7102

I thought about doing a food review here, but decided it was about time we ventured into the world beyond food. Okay, I know there is no world beyond food.

Chef's Essential is a hidden gem - most people go to the city or somewhere in their 'burb to shop for their cooking essentials. I work in the area so I was just overjoyed to find this place. Chef's Essential is owned by the very capable David, who is as charming as he is knowledgeable on all things cooking.

If you are after anything from Chasseur Cast Iron pots and saucepans to KitchenAid mixers, egg timers and aprons, frilly lipped sundae glasses and pretty pastel bread bins. If you are serious about using the best equipment in your culinary endeavors then please don't pass up a visit to this little store.

Puckle St area is very busy, if you go and you want something to nibble on after spending hours in Chef's Essentials as you're bound to do, walk down the bustling street, dodge the Moonee Ponds workers, the Essendon Footy Club boys and the sweet elderly dears and make your way to Tutto Deli. It's a few shops from the Moonee Ponds Train Station but it's very worth it. The best coffee in the Ponds, and their lunch menu is innovative and delicious - pastas, soups, antipasto and risottos. My recommendation would be to have the small antipasto platter with a glass of whatever suits your palate. Enjoy.


sublime-ation said...

When I was a girl Moonee Ponds was noted and visited by myself and my friends for its wonderful bus/tram interchange. It's nice to know that there is more to the place than just a big bus stop.

Lord help me, I'm turning into Dame Edna.

Still, interesting, Mel, and original.

Chai said...

And are the prices competitive?

Mel said...

Thank you Sublime-ation - Dame Edna is really an icon of the world, she is relatively unknown in the 'Ponds' - :) That intersection is somekinda confusing.
Chai, The prices are very competitive - and don't be surprised when you open your immaculately wrapped goods and find a cute red handle swiss knife, or a vegetable peeler tucked away inside, David has a habit of rewarding his consumers.

sublime-ation said...

SHOCK!!! HORROR!!! How can the Dame be unknown in 'the Ponds' as you affectionally call it? She HAILS from there!
And very proud of your post she would be to, putting The Ponds on the map of foodies worldwide.

Husky Nutmeg said...

Well done. Some helpful information there. And any mention of a good deli is big for me.

Mel said...

The Ponds is a good little dive, it's got yummy Sushi at Hong Kong Cafe, Juices at Boost, Coffee (and lunch) at Tutto) and the best sandwiches at Under The Breadline in the arcade.
Places to avoid - well practically everywhere else.