Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sketches Cafe Bar - Burwood

Address: 273 Burwood Highway, Burwood, Victoria
Phone Number: (03) 9889 8925

Price Range: $7 - $13 for a meal, another $4 - $7 for dessert

Reviewer: BEVIS
Date: 26th February, 2006


Riss took me out to lunch the other week, and we went to Sketches because it was close by (and something new neither of us had visited before).

Being the kind of guy I am, I ordered the beef burger. (So sue me.) Riss ordered the tomato and spinach quiche with salad. Here are Riss' own thoughts on her meal:

"The quiche was a complete mini-quiche, not a slice of a large one, and the pastry was beautifully moist. Completely melt-in-the-mouth delicious. Fresh salad, lovely. (Didn't need the sliced olive garnish though.) We were seated promptly and our meals, pre-ordered, arrived instantly. The elderly gentleman behind BEVIS moved seats at his table so that he could stare more openly at me (I think, but I could just be paranoid). (Or you could just have tickets on yourself - Ed.) The service was unobtrusive and efficient; very civilised. The noise level was fine for conversation - not so loud that we had to shout but not so quiet that we would feel like the only people talking in the place and that everyone could eavesdrop. There was a happy buzz in the place. If there had been more people dining or a particularly raucous table then the acoustics afforded by the wooden floor would have amplified the sound in which case I probably would have asked to move to an outdoor table rather than shout. The Texas chocolate muffin I took away with me was also entirely scrumptious - moist and very chocolate-y.

"Overall rating, four and a half french fries (out of five). Great meal, excellent service, I'd definitely recommend the cafe to others and go back myself. Have also eaten breakfast there on another occasion and they dealt well with a large table mostly all having different sorts of eggs on toast. Big thumbs up."

Wow, what a fantastic guest review! Thank you Riss, you've made my job a lot easier!

As for me, the burger was unlike any other I'd ever tasted. The meat was a special homemade mince pattie which was cooked to perfection (not too chargrilled; not too rare), and complimented the fresh bun and salad items (tomato, cos lettuce, carrot and Spanish onion) brilliantly. It was extremely tasty and delicious, and I was pleased to note that the fries were also hot, cooked just right, and oil-free. Crisp and golden, they were. Delightful.

All told, it was a lovely meal - not to mention charming company.

(Especially for Riss.)

As the full menu (which can be viewed online) will testify, there are vegetarian meals available, and they serve their breakfast items all day. So if you're in the mood for bacon & eggs after work, that's no problem.

The prices were more than reasonable, and with friendly staff serving and preparing the food behind the counter, it really was a wonderful dining experience.

Rating: I give Sketches Cafe Bar in Burwood five out of a possible five stars. There really is nothing they could have done better; I couldn't fault them on a thing.

Stars: *****


Quirkie said...

This is entirely unfair. Please do a WA restaurant so I can salivate over some local food, at least.

Maybe I could put that more delicately.

Maybe not.

(Spot the hiddden threat.)

BEVIS said...

Too subtle for me ...

Susanne said...

This is the old Zagames site right?

I used to work around the corner at World Vision.

BEVIS said...

Nah, it's not that far up Burwood Highway. The place I'm talking about is two shops down from Michelangelo's (the pizza place), which is right on the corner of Burwood Highway and Station Street.

That Zagames site has had a few name changes in its time, though!

And you used to work for World Vision, eh? I know a few people who worked there. And a fourth one who still does.

One of the former World Vision employees I know is now the General Manager of the place I just left, and I don't think very highly of him at all ... (The other three are great people, though!)

sublime-ation said...

Nice post, pity I'm never in Burwood. If I ever am, I'll be able to know where to eat.

Dxxxx said...

Nice joint post guys. Also, good point re mentioning the online menu - if any of the venues do have websites etc, linking to them in your review is a great idea for everyone to get more info if required.

Susanne said...

Oh yeah, Sketches. I know the one you are talking about. Far smaller than the place I was thinking of.

I'm a Box Hill local but I haven't been down Burwood way for a while.

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sphinxette57 said...

Sketches is great. Good food, fresh and tasty.Prices are good and now that they have a licence (they were BYO) it makes it all the merrier. Outdoors is lovely in warmer weather too. I highly recommend this delightful place for an informal, satisfying brekky or lunch. Now we're waiting for them to be open for dinner.

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